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In Organic and Biodynamic we trust

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Our philosophy

Convinced that an environnemental-friendly practice is one of the key towards the production of a high quality wine,
we try as much as we can to select well known winemakers with organic and / or biodynamic practices.

The Group

For more than 15 years we have been present all over the world, and especially in Asia to promote our range of French quality wines. One Union of Producer to help directly our distributors.

An union of 30 wineries Family owner-grower, covering all the best appelations from France, to answer to all your French fine wines requests..
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In Asia & Partner with more than 80 distributors.
Today we can offer wines both in IGP and AOP, covering all the great regions of production in France. These wines are often well rated by professionals and get some medals in the International wine competitions.

Our Union

25 wineries & winegrowers

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