Domain Viret

Domaine Viret

A  land  of  Cosmoculture Wines in Amphora

A beautifull story of 30 ha of vines and passionate people who believe in living creation …

The vineyards

The vineyards of the Viret Family are situated in the heart of the Cotes du Rhone, between Gigondas and Chateauneuf du Pape. It is a natural area  encircled by oak and tall pine trees.

The roman remains found here indicate that the site was a most perfect place to grow vines

The Cathedral of the Vines

Alain and Philippe Viret, created wine cellars.  Constructed from blocks set into the hillside, its position takes into account the angle of the sun and is precisely situated on a magnetic force line.


The Earth

The deep soil is a flinty rich clay scattered with chalk. The position of the vineyard is caractristic, facing south and with an altitude of 250-300m

The Cosmoculture

Just like any method of natural agriculture, be it organic or biodynamic the “Cosmoculture®“ (international registered brand with a set of specifications about vines and winery to be a hight quality brand) is the study of soils elements, earthly line, underground water and breaks, who have an action on life (plants, trees, animals, humans…)


It relies also on the interaction between cosmic and earthly metallic forces. Within the grounds of the vineyard, they implanted basalt rocks who will works on the land meridians. There are precisely placed to draw in energy. This nurtures the intimate relationship between the sky and the earth and creates an atmosphere in which the vines can draw on their natural defences.

In this way, within the vineyard Alain and Philippe have rediscovered all that is essential of nature. Hoeing takes the place of weed killers and natural compost based on homeopathic and organic product (certified organic).

The Cosmoculture®  is an evolution, a deeper working way of biodynamic philosophy.



The grapes are harvested entirely by hand and the date the grapes are picked is set after a very careful analysis of sugar content, acidity and health. The grapes are gathered in boxes to avoid them being crushed and the juice exposed to oxidation. Only  ripe and healthy grapes are selected using a painstaking operation.

The winemaking combines ancient and modern methods. The stems are removed, the grapes are gently pressed and then allowed, by gravity, to pass into the temperature controlled vats. The extraction of the concentrated juice is done by gently raising and lowering it.

Each specific group of grapes from the vineyard ferments in its own vat and can therefore develop its own originality and quality. As we age it, the quality and authenticity of the wine is not hidden but fully expressed. The wine is aged both ways : traditional method or amphora for others.

Wines  in  Amphora

The hankering to makes wines in amphora became when Philippe tasted a Sicilian wine made in amphora (blind taste of course). He found this wine full of freshness, airy, with some incomparable silky tanins.

The localization of Viret winery is a old Romain remains so it was like a review of the history.

Philippe decided to start this wine making process of is best plots after that experience in 2005.

That way, the Viret winery has been the First French Amphora Winery.

Now he has 20 amphoras of 420 liters each, all numbered, and about 15 wine makers, friends who trust and follow the developement of amphora.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, just to serve wines we trust …


dolia paradis ambre

Dolia Paradis Ambré
Vin de France ( Valléé du Rhône )

dolia paradis rouge

Dolia Paradis rouge
Vin de France ( Valléé du Rhône )



Côte du Rhône Village St Maurice


La Coudée d’Or

Vin de France ( Vallée du Rhône)



Vin de France (Rhône)


Les Colonnades
Côte du Rhône Village St Maurice


Vin de France ( vallée du Rhône)