CÔTE-ROTIE, Rhône Valley


H i s t o r y

Domaine Garon is situated in the commune of Ampuis. It covers 5 hectares, on the             extreme north of the Rhone Valley, terroir of Cote Rotie.

The family Garon is rooted in the heart of the vineyard since 500 years. The first known wine growner is Guillaume Garon, born in 1475.

In 1995, they produced their first bottle of Cote Rotie which was named ‘Les Triotes’ in 2006.

In 2003, the 2 sons, Kevin and Fabien joined their family vineyard. This was also the first year for the Cuvee ‘Les Rochins‘.

At last, the third Cuvee ‘La Sybarine’ was born in 2009.

It was Jean Francois and Carmen who began to work on the uncultivated slope of the domaine at the beginning of 80s.

Convinced of the exceptional quality of the vineyard Cote Rotie and its variety Syrah, Domaine Garon tries all the best to produce the wines that express the terroir.



Les Rochins 2014

The Domaine’s “Grand Cuvée” wine, produced on an exceptional terroir located within the “brune” (brown) area of the vineyards.
1st vintage produced in 2003. It bears the name of the locality it comes from.
100% brown schist, 100% Syrah.



Les Triotes 2014
1st vintage produced in 1995. 

Cuvée “Côte Rôtie” before 2006, it was renamed “Les Triotes” in 2006. The Domaine’s iconic wine,
representing the bulk of our production. It is named after a locality known as “La Triote“, the first plot replanted by Jean François and Carmen
100% blond schist, 100% Syrah